Wholesale Prices and Discounts

I have been approached a number of times within the last few weeks about bulk orders and what kind of wholesale or discount prices I offer.
I would like to clarify at this time that I do not offer wholesale prices or discounts on bulk orders.
But I feel I must elaborate on this a little more because I don’t want to come off as rude or unreasonable.
There are businesses out there where asking for a discount or wholesale price is appropriate or even expected. If you’re looking for party favors at Oriental Trading Company and you need 200 paper lanterns, then you would hope to get a discount on that huge order.
However, businesses like Marshfellows are nothing like Oriental Trading Company.
When you place an order through a business like OTC your items are already made and packaged. They simply put the number of items you want right from their warehouse into a box and ship them out to you.
When you place an order with me, you are always dealing directly with yours truly. I respond to all the e-mails, I draw up all those (awful) rough sketches, (lol) I create every charm and every Marshfellow, I package every order personally and then head to the Post Office, usually with my babies in tow and ship out the orders.
For those who want or even expect a discount on bulk orders, you need to understand that I am still doing 100% of the work. I don’t go out to my warehouse, pull a dozen pre-made Marshfellows from the shelves and ship them out. I have to handcraft each and every one. The longest I have ever spent detailing one Marshfellow was 2.5 hours!
It’s a process. I love doing it, because it’s my passion, but it is still a process.
Besides all of those reasons I truly value my time. I’m a stay at home parent and I love playing with my babies. I love building forts with them under our table and watching Disney movies on rainy days. I love baking cookies with them for fun and coloring on the living room floor with them. So anytime I am working on orders it’s time that I am not with my family or getting ahead on the house chores or working on creations for myself.

There are those of you out there who understanding even without the big explanation. One recent customer inquired about a large order but had to stay under a certain budget. When I quoted a price for the order she simply had this to say:

 “Thank you mama. They are beautiful and worth so much more than that…But that is out of my budget right now. Thank you.”

Not only was she incredibly gracious about the process, she respects me as an artist and values my time and efforts as well.
I love interactions like that! I have had other interactions that were not so pleasant.
One such interaction left me in tears after I was berated for the better part of an hour about my ‘ridiculous prices’, my ‘crazy ego’ and that they “could get much better work for cheaper.”
(That was a sucky day for me.)

But that’s the best thing about tomorrows, they are a fresh start. 🙂

I hope this gives a little insight behind the reasons why I cannot offer discounts and wholesale prices.
Thank you for understanding!


3 thoughts on “Wholesale Prices and Discounts

  1. Wow I’m sorry people feel that they are entitled to discounts..I’m sure they wouldn’t like being haggled ..I think you do an AMAZING JOB YOUR TURN AROUND TIME IS EXCELLENT!!

  2. Love all ypur work, especially the marriage couple, my brother is getting married in 4 months, so yeah. that caugt my eye, lol.

  3. I don’t have a Facebook can I still enter I love the prizes I also like your marshmellow figurines I would love to enter my clay account name on Instagram is @clay_crazzzy
    Thanks for reading all of this if you can so I would really like to enter can I do it on Instagram maybe??i love your charms❤️

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